Scott Hendricks

Scott has come full circle in youth ministry at Highland. Beginning as a high school student in 1988, then as a youth volunteer and small group leader in 1996, serving in vocational youth ministry at two area churches starting in 2000, Scott came back home to Highland in 2013 to lead our student ministry forward.

Working full time as a graphic artist since the mid ’90s, Scott now leads the graphic artists for the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department, designing state park nature centers and directing the signage program throughout Oklahoma State Parks. He gets to travel the State and go to parks…not a bad gig.

What brings Scott the most joy though are his six amazing children (three boys and three girls: Tierney, born in 1994, Dawson, Peyton, Reece, Willow and Shepard born in 2010).

In his spare time, Scott actually enjoys running marathons (no really…he actually likes it), singing, playing drums and guitar (sometimes at the same time), and watching Nacho Libre (“Don’t you know these are the Lord’s chips”).

Scott has a tough time choosing a favorite verse from the Bible (maybe Hebrews 12:1), so instead he chooses James chapter 1.

“Running marathons has given me such a unique perspective on life. One lesson it has taught me is that I can endure through pain and press towards the finish line even when I feel like I can’t go any further.”