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We had an awesome turnout for our clinic reception at Serve Moore last night!  I don’t know the final count yet, but there were around 70-80 total that came to our meet-and-greet. It was packed out and there was a spirit of excitement about what God is doing.  We shared this youtube video about our dream for the clinic produced by our friends at Elevate…

In case you were unable to join us or know of someone who might be interested in helping, feel free to share this page with them.  Here is the information about volunteer teams we shared at the Clinic Reception last night…


APPOINTMENT SCHEDULERS – These volunteers will answer calls from patients to schedule clinic appointments. This may require volunteer time outside our regular clinic hours. Volunteers will be given 2 – 4 hour time slots for scheduling patients on a designated day of the week.

DENTAL TEAM – We hope to have a network through which we can make referrals for urgent cases. For example, if we have six dentists who would each provide free urgent care for two patients per month, we could help 12 urgent cases per month. In time, we hope to acquire basic dental chair / equipment and handle simple cases through the clinic.

EDUCATION TEAM – The clinic will provide an excellent opportunity for education, such as how to take medications, pamphlets or classes on diabetes, smoking, exercise, nutrition, head lice, etc. Many organizations provide these materials free of charge. Create a working relationship with our local Cleveland County Health Department and DHS. Keep all education materials current at our clinic location. Schedule regular education workshops as needed.

GENERAL VOLUNTEER TEAM – We will need volunteers to assist with miscellaneous needs at the clinic, such as serving as a guide in the clinic facility, helping to monitor hallways, moving equipment from one room to another, preparing rooms for patient exams, stocking supplies, taking out trash, etc.

GREETER / WELCOME TEAM – These volunteers will be the “go-between” to greet and welcome patients and their families, introduce the patients to the clinic receptionist, check in patients as they arrive for appointments, monitor the “no shows” and cancellations, and fill open slots with the “walk-in” patients, etc.

MEDICAL OFFICE WORK TEAM – These volunteers will assist patients with the intake process and conduct general office work duties, assistance in filling out paperwork, answering questions, answering the phone, filing, data entry, etc.

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS – “OTHER” (Therapists, phlebotomists, lab scientists, etc.) – The Clinic will have a variety of other needs for specialties, blood work for tests, etc. Some cases will require follow-up therapy by specialists.

NURSES / CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS (CNA) – Please note the attachment outlining the “Oklahoma Volunteer Charitable Healthcare Provider Program” offering free liability coverage to health care professionals in exchange for their service and participation in free clinics operated in the state of Oklahoma.

PHARMACISTS / PHARMACY TECHNICIANS – Please note the handout outlining the “Oklahoma Volunteer Charitable Healthcare Provider Program” offering free liability coverage to health care professionals in exchange for their service and participation in free clinics operated in the state of Oklahoma. Our Clinic will not handle narcotics / Schedule 1 drugs.

PHYSICIANS / P.A.s / NURSE PRACTITIONERS – Please note the handout outlining the “Oklahoma Volunteer Charitable Healthcare Provider Program” offering free liability coverage to health care professionals in exchange for their service and participation in free clinics operated in the state of Oklahoma.

PRAYER TEAM – We will need significant prayer support as we seek to minister to our community (see a list of items to pray about on the reverse). We will also need a prayer team to intercede for patients and their families as we receive specific prayer requests.

PUBLICITY TEAM – These volunteers will help get the word out about the clinic, assist with graphic arts, journalism, website, social media, photography, contact media and arrange for coverage and publicity; collect articles, acknowledge donations of money, materials and equipment. Coming soon:

REFRESHMENT TEAM – The Refreshment Team will provide snacks and/or meals to our working volunteers. Many of our volunteers will come to the clinic directly from work and will not have time for a meal; So healthy, nutritious meals and/or snacks will be needed.

SHEPHERDING TEAM (INTERVIEWERS, CHAPLAINS, PASTORS) – This volunteer team will minister to the patients we serve in a holistic way, interviewing them, getting to know them, looking for opportunities to pray with patients and their families, share the gospel, make referrals for counseling, transportation to referral locations, Serve Moore CRC help or other kinds of assistance as appropriate. The Shepherding team will have Bibles and other materials available.

TRANSLATION TEAM – This volunteer position requires fluency in both Spanish and English to assist patients that only speak the Spanish language. There may be need for other language translation as we move forward and reach other people groups in our community (Eg. Vietnamese). A basic understanding of medical terminology is helpful but not essential.

Here’s more information about our dream, vision, core values and needs…

OUR VISION  – Our vision is to bring glory to God while ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those without adequate resources in our community. Our desire is to share the love of Christ in a holistic and tangible way through faith-based medical care. We want to love and serve the people of our community while recognizing the God-given dignity of each human life.

THE NEED IN OUR COMMUNITY  – The Health Alliance statistics for our area indicate that at least 25% of the population—mostly “working poor,” have no access to health insurance or adequate medical care. In addition we have received “anecdotal evidence” from feedback we have received from the Cleveland County Clinic and the Norman Regional / Moore Medical Center E.R. that indicate the numbers are even higher. We believe that any need or problem in our community can and should be addressed by the church and the message of Gospel. We believe this is a huge opportunity for the Body to be the hands and love of Christ in our community.

OUR NEED FOR VOLUNTEERS  – There will be a need for volunteers of all backgrounds to operate the clinic. This would include physicians, nurses, pharmacists and techs, medical office, clerical, prayer teams, reception, greeters, exam room cleaners, pastors, chaplains, etc. (See the reverse side of this handout for a list of volunteer teams). Our goal is to have a “deep enough bench” so that when we launch, we can have multiple teams to rotate on a regular (part-time) schedule. Soon, we hope to have dentists (referrals to their offices to start out), dental assistants, optometrists, health educators, diabetes care, dietitians and folks who could meet with diabetes patients to give encouragement, case workers who have background in social work to handle more complicated cases, provide referrals for counseling, help with addictions, etc.

OUR NEED FOR PRAYER – Please join us in praying that God would lead us, and that He would give us His wisdom and provision for His glory in our city. Our desire is that we would see people through His eyes and that His Name might be more famous through this ministry in our city.

  • Pray for wisdom about all the logistical details that must be worked out in the next few weeks and for our launch date (“soft launch” May 21st?);
  • Pray about the initial Clinic schedule: That it will meet needs of our community and match up with the personal schedules our volunteers;
  • Pray that we will have a “deep enough bench” in all positions to enable us to maintain a consistent clinic schedule;
  • Pray that God will guide us with wisdom to discern what “scope of care” He wants us to provide, initially;
  • Pray for God to provide the equipment, supplies, basic medicines we’ll need;
  • Pray for God to provide finances for the Clinic office space / overhead cost of sharing the expenses at the CRC;
  • Pray for churches in our community to “adopt” this ministry and partner with us;
  • Pray for the Serve Moore CRC leaders, staff and the other CRC tenants to be blessed as we share the facilities;
  • Pray for a sweet spirit of unity as we all work together for the glory of God;
  • Pray that we will plan and carry out this ministry with excellence that brings glory to the Lord;
  • Pray that God will use us to save lives, to advance the Gospel and to bring the love and encouragement of Christ to people in our community;
  • Pray that everyone involved will be sensitive and compassionate toward hurting people and that families might sense this Clinic is a safe place, an oasis of comfort and encouragement;
  • Pray we will personify 2 Corinthians 1:4: “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.”

OUR NEED FOR DONATIONS – While everyone is involved is a volunteer, we will have ongoing expenses in order to operate the clinic. We will pray and seek the donation of equipment, supplies and medicines whenever possible. The clinic will be applying for a 501c3 non-profit organization status, but this will take some time. In the meantime, donations can be given as designated gifts under the umbrella of Highland Baptist Church (501c3). Once the clinic has its own 501c3, we may also qualify for grants through various like-minded foundations.
If you would like to make a donation, check with your own church: You may give to the clinic through your own church if your church is ok with forwarding it and partnering with us in that way. Designate your gift “Moore Faith Medical Clinic” (or “Clinic” would work). Be sure to provide a name and return address so we can send a thank you and written confirmation of your annual charitable donations.

Highland Baptist Church | 2425 SE 4th Street & Sunnylane | Moore, OK 73160
Online: (look for Clinic on the donations dropdown menu)
Coming soon: (will also link to the donations page)


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