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Highland Student Community

The Highland Student Community is made up of all students entering 7th grade through 12th grade.  The vision for such a community is that students would work to build lasting relationships that impact Kingdom growth.  They do this by mentoring and caring for students who are younger and reaching up to serve and live life with church members who are older.

You can get the most up-to-date information and see what’s happening in the HSC from week to week by heading to our Facebook Page.  Or you can take a look at our Twitter Feed for basic info and announcements.

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  1. Anita Oyler Akin says: · ·Reply

    I am a supervisor for high school exchange students. I have these students who still need host families for 6-8 weeks or the entire school year.
    The students have their own spending money, health insurance, and pay for their school lunches.
    The host families provide meals and a bedroom which can be shared with one of their children within four years of age of the student.
    I’m reaching out to youth ministers to help me find homes for them. Thank you so much for your help. I’m available any time for calls for more information. I’m a retired teacher, but still wanted to work with teens.

    Anita Akin
    CIEE student exchange

    Ahmet-Turkey plays basketball and soccer
    likes movies and reading

    Sima-Germany plays basketball, soccer Likes cooking, drawing, drama club, fishing

    Paula-Spain plays volleyball (7 yrs). Plays piano,Likes hiking, traveling

    Kacper-Poland plays soccer Likes photography, technology, wants to attend Church regularly

    Clara-Spain participates in swimming and track
    Likes painting, drawing, horseback riding

    Sohyun-S. Korea participates in track and cheerleading
    Plays piano and goes to church regularly

    Adela-Czech swimming team, volleyball
    Ballet, plays flute and recorder, attends church regularly

    Rafella-Brazil likes reading, movies, traveling, shopping

    Milla-Denmark does swimming and gymnastics, Likes movies, reading, and pets

    Finn-Germany likes movies, video games, rowing, church activities

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