HBC Building & Grounds Restoration

We’re very excited about how these repairs and improvements will have a positive impact on our facilities and our ability to minister to our community, guests and church family. The funds that are being used for these projects were given and designated to help us make improvements to our existing facilities and put things back in order after the tornado. None of our SEEK (new building) funds are being used for this purpose. This following is what Bill Sisk on behalf of the Leadership Team presented on August 4th and 11th in Family Meetings. The church approved the plans as presented on August 11th.
1. Replace the Roof. This was damaged by severe tornado debris. The new roof has been ordered, and will be installed ASAP. The process will take a few weeks.
2. Expand our community / welcome area space. The current foyer will only accommodate a few people at a time and does not afford itself to a gathering / greeting / Café area. It is our desire to provide a community space for the church family, for greeting and welcoming of guests, and a relaxing conversation area. Background to our foyer / community space shortage:
A) There was no lobby or foyer envisioned with this series of buildings and additions. We have piecemealed the foyer we have currently (south entrance) to make the best of the situation. The original entry was the south end of the existing sanctuary (where the windows are now). In 1994 when Pastor Dave arrived at HBC, the original entrance was no longer being used and had been converted to a storage area. Since the attendance was increasing, we needed additional seating, plus it was not well planned to have attenders or guests enter directly into the sanctuary. The area was cleaned up, doors and walls were removed and a beam was installed to span the opening so that forty additional seats could be installed.
B) The foyer at the (existing) south entrance was small, but functional. Later there was a small expansion provided by extending the entrance the size of the tile entry area.
C) Since a Security System for our Children’s / Pre-School area is a priority for us as a church, this makes it a challenge for the congregation to reach the fellowship hall for coffee and snacks. Guest families in our day and time have the strong expectation that a prospective church (or any public facility that provides childcare) will have a modern Security System. The reasonable expectation by parents who entrust to us the care and well being of their most valuable treasure, is that we as leaders will take the necessary steps to insure their children are well cared for and kept safe. They expect that their children’s workers will have undergone extensive and regular background-checks, and that their children will not ever be released to the wrong person(s). Reality: We may know our workers and each other, but our guests don’t know anyone. This is no longer an “optional” policy for us. Our Guests have been very pleased with our Security System.
D) Since the Security System results in the fellowship hall not being as accessible from the front entrances, this is another reason we need to provide a Welcome Café’ fellowship / community space for the church family, for coffee access, greeting and welcoming of guests, seating and a relaxing conversation area.
E) This Welcome Café space will also be available for Sunday School / Small Group space during the 9 & 10:30 time slots, when completed.
Solutions: We considered converting the pastor’s office (and Pastor Dave was willing) in order to provide expansion of the existing entry foyer. Also considered was converting the Library / Conference Room area to provide more open space in the west entry and main hallway. After lengthy discussion and analysis of the pros and cons, it was decided that we should convert the Library / Conference room area into a Welcome Café. There’s plumbing (water and drain) available in the adjacent Utility room to enable us to install a wet bar / cabinets / coffee systems making the expansion much more feasible and affordable. This could also help with traffic and noise factors (compared to the front entry area). Temporary relocation of two Sunday School classes that currently meet in the Library / Conference Room will also be provided. Alternate classrooms can be obtained from the west (children’s) hallway during the 10:30 service and more classroom space will be opened up as we free up space in the fellowship hall with the construction of the large storage building (See Storage Building section). Library – The library bookcases will be relocated to the south classroom (south of the baptistery) and can function in the dual purpose of a library and prayer room. Conference A/V Room – The large conference table will be relocated to another suitable room (Room 104) that can function as a classroom / conference / A/V classroom.
New Entrance – In addition, we will make repairs and improvements to the (west) back entrance area directly into fellowship hall by repairing the sidewalk, landscaping the entrance area, make it more inviting, perhaps providing some sort of awning / covering, adding signage. Also, we will replace the double metal doors with glass entrance doors. We will also update and improve the back stairs so they’re safe and look nice. It will be important that the entrance is kept nice and free from clutter.
3. Replace the Flooring (church wide) – Carpet squares (as shown with the sample color-coordinated with the stage) will be installed on the sanctuary main floor. (The one exception to flooring replacement is the stage area. It still looks new, as there was no Disaster ministry traffic on the stage). We will install an attractive vinyl (plank-wood-style) flooring over the entire church facility. The sample was shown to the church (This is a medium to light shaded Commercial 20 mill vinyl wood planking). There was some discussion in the Leadership team about the Nursery flooring having carpet. Our Pre-School Nursery prefers to have the same floor as the rest of the classrooms and use professional daycare-type anti-bacterial mat (Eg. Noah’s Ark soft floor mat); professionally designed for this purpose that can be easily wiped down, sterilized and kept clean and free of stains. All cove molding (baseboard molding) will be replaced at time of installation of flooring. Note: We will need to replace the existing wooden disability ramp (collapsing under the heavy pallet traffic) with a heavy-duty ramp in main hallway.
4. Nursery Remodel – We must remove walls and replace drywall to repair storm-related damage. We will also remove excess entry doors and create a private area for nursing mothers.
5. Paint – We are in the process of doing this in hallways, fellowship hall and sanctuary; We will paint other areas as needed.
6. Concrete Work – Repair the existing parking lot & sidewalks, expand parking to the east and provide a stem wall on the west to prevent further erosion and damage.
7. Landscaping – We will seek the help of some experts to analyze and make recommendations for low-maintenance attractive solutions. Some areas will include: Large grass area on west side; Shrub area on west side (along sidewalk); Area around steps on east side; Area in front of the church, etc.
8. Maintenance of the west overflow Parking Area – Fill in low areas; Re-gravel; Install parking barriers, a stem wall for improved drainage and preservation of the landscaping.
9. New Storage Building – We need to store equipment and supplies in the our ministry and continuing efforts to help families in our community. This will enable us to move equipment from Fellowship Hall and other areas. We hope to be able to build a 30×40 storage building if funds become available.
10. General Building Maintenance & Housekeeping – We will get caught up on all this as we paint and remodel.

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  1. Well…one can only say that God IS good! Looks like many blessings are being bestowed upon our church and family. I know it’s a lot of hard work being done by a lot of good people. Our prayers will continue in hopes that all goes well with these and future plans.

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